Become a Host

Want to Join the Fun, kick up your customer base and bring in more customers?

Do you have a Restaurant, Sports Bar or Pub that could benefit from an extra 30-50 paying customers on a regular basis, buying drinks and/or food while enjoying your businesses' hospitality on a weekend or weeknight?

We can help your business fill those empty seats, bring in repeat customers and can help you create a great creative presence in your larger social business community...and we can do this for you and no extra charge to you or your business.

We teach guided artistic painting events, set-up in any un-carpeted area within a designated location of your establishment that can accommodate tables and seating from 30-50 people, using only easy to clean, non-toxic, water based acrylic paints. We bring the canvas', the easels, the table covers, water based acrylic artist paint, artist brushes, cups, napkins, artist aprons... all you need to do is point us I the direction of the tables and we'll take it from there. We cover your tables, set-up, clean-up and take-down everything. You'll just need to have the wait staff available to take orders... we'll bring in all those thirsty, hungry, PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Events usually last approx. 2-1/2 hrs from 7pm-9:30pm. We show up at about 6pm, set-up everything we need for the class, teach a guided class of happy people looking to enjoy an evening of drinking, snacking & socializing, and we take down / clean-up at the end of the evening. We're usually in by 6pm and out by 10pm, but it's not uncommon for customers to come in early or stay late to enjoy dinner and/or drinks with friends.

What we need to get going...

  • Table space and chairs set-up to accommodate 30-50 paying customers
  • A sink from where we can draw a few pitchers of water to fill our cups for the evening
  • Available wait staff to take drink and food orders (people like to drink while painting)
  • Adequate lighting to paint by (the brighter the better in the area where we're painting)
  • A Lil' Mood Music (although we can play light music through our Instructors portable PA)

We work to promote the event, along with your business, on our website and through our expansive network of Social Media outlets. Within of 4-6 weeks, we can successfully promote the event so that you can expect a full house of paying customers.

We expect that you'll be so satisfied with our events that you'll want us to set you up on a regular schedule. Ideally, we'd like to arrange to bring our events to your business on a regular weekly schedule, but we're happy to schedule a few limited engagement events so you check us out to make sure My Paint Escape is a good fit for your business.

So let's get this thing going!