About My Paint Escape


We’re Your #1 Creative Event & Social Painting Party Planner!
...Try saying that five times fast!

At My Paint Escape we provide everything the customer and their party needs to create their own beautiful hand painted artwork, including: canvas & easel, acrylic artist paint, artist brushes, water and paper towels, cover-up aprons, not to mention a professionally guided, step-by-step creative adventure, lead by one of our well trained and talented My Paint Escape Art Instructors. Did we mention a coaster for your drink? We provide a comfortable social setting where customers can easily order drinks and appetizers at their leisure, right from the convenience of the table from where their painting, by one of our host’s many dedicated servers. My Paint Escape Art Instructors are trained to guide our guests through the detailed simplicities and laughably intricate folly of this creative painting process. Beauty in art is most certainly in the eye of the beholder.

Our patient, thoughtful and encouraging instructors take their time to make sure that everyone has what they need, including the confidence to keep their brushes moving in a direction that brings pleasure and creative accomplishment to each and every one of our guests. If a brush stroke goes awry, or a color happens to lean slightly too far in the opposite direction of the artist’s visionary intent, our helpful Art Instructors are there to offer encouragement, while reminding everyone that it probably only takes another sip or two to bring the piece back to museum quality…

...or most certainly back to the light hearted perspective that can always be shared and appreciated by a drink and friend!

Come Join The Fun...And Bring A Friend!